Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brooklyn, NY

While I'm sure it has nothing on Bundeena, Brooklyn seems like a pretty rad place, and I'd like to be there right now. Cold mornings, daffodils, amazing shops... delicious.

My ideal day would start with a stop-in at Catbird to buy some alphabet rings, a love heart ring, and probably some other things.

All that spending would surely leave me peckish, so I'd need pop by baked for some cupcakes with deer on them. Because they have deer on them.

My last stop for the day would be at Saipua, maybe to buy some soap and flowers, but mostly in a creepy attempt to get close to Sarah and absorb some of the creative floral genius that oozes from her very pores. The chick is awesome.

First image by cmv (away), second image from Catbird, third image from baked, last image from Sarah's blog

1 comment:

  1. oh my god..i want a loveheart and alphabet ring tooooo!! they are so cute!