Monday, April 4, 2011

Lady bachelor yep that's me

Chrissy has been away for work, leaving Lockie and I with the house to ourselves. I'm too lazy to cook a proper meal just for me, so breakfast, lunch and dinner have revolved around toast and/or poached eggs. For example: toast with avocado, poached eggs on toast, poached eggs on toast with mushies, toast with tomato and goat's fetta, poached eggs on toast with leek etc. etc.

For anyone who is scared of poaching eggies, it's much easier to use fresh ones so my advice to you is to get a chook.

With Chris gone I have also been consuming an inordinate amount of coffee (a crutch?). I make little plunger after little plunger. Maybe not that healthy but better coffee than gin or vodka. I like White Horse coffee. It's very, very good.


  1. Fresh poached eggs from your own chooks! Wow - I have to come over now. Don't miss Chris too much - Lockie will keep you company