Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Purchases, yipee!

Now that the morning sickness has passed, I actually feel like doing stuff again. Cooking, flower stuff, brushing my hair, that kind of thing. Also SEWING!

I ordered a bunch of Amy Butler fat quarters (that's what the size is called...weird) which arrived yesterday. OMIGOSH the colours are amazing.

I think I'll make a patchwork throw thing with them, but I'm procrastinating about starting as there's a good chance I will stuff it up. Must plan carefully, draw up a proper pattern etc. before I go cutting things up willy-nilly.

My other exciting online purchase was these Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings, which I discovered on Oh Joy! They are tiny fricking deer studs, a necessary acquisition in my books.


  1. cant wait to see the finished product! will be beautiful!

  2. Good luck on the project & those deer studs are too fabulous :-)