Monday, August 22, 2011

Purple flowers

Spring is definitely in the air, woohoo! A bunch of little purple flowers are popping up all over the garden to let us know. These violets smell SO GOOD I could walk around all day with a few stuffed up my nose.

Some Italian lavender, pretty and soft and also an olfactory treat.

And sweet peas, the seeds of which I planted on St Pat's day and have been hoping hoping hoping would bloom. They have, and they also smell amazing.

In other news, the bubba seems to be coming along nicely, and I am trying not to eat too many Doritos. God, they are so good.


  1. Wonderful to see you online again ~ You must be hitting a purple patch.

    Great news about everything else going well too, I hope that you bloom along with the garden

  2. pretty! Jeff and I are thinking of coming to visit you guys soon. xx