Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Art of Living: Day 1

AOL Frizzle

The Art of Living Festival kicked off last Saturday with the Village Fair.

The day was all about eggs, and the chickens who lay them.


It was about cupakes, and the kids who decorated them and really, really want to eat them.

AOL guinea pig

It was about guinea pigs, and the families who love them. This little lady teared up when her gp didn't win a prize.

Home-grown vegetables, home-cooked cakes and home-made crafty things were also proudly displayed.

Prizes were awarded, some of them to us.

- Lockie came second in the Doggy Dash.
- Daydream's eggs won Most Unusual.
- And my floral arrangement won Best Flowers. I should probably mention that it was the *sole* entry in the category. Nevertheless, I took a ribbon home.


  1. - Nobody would dare enter the Flower category knowing that you were in the neighbourhood;

    - Daydream has been in training for the straining when Lockie has been training for the bolt

  2. This is such a fun collection of pics, I "ll certainly stop by again ;-). (Just browsing by on my bloghop ;-)). Have a grat day - maks :-)