Tuesday, March 8, 2011

el tomate

Eeep! The flowers on our tomato plants are turning into fruit.

What a little beauty. See the old petals hanging off the bottom?

We're worried about fruit fly discovering and destroying the tomatoes, but I don't want to use any nasty chemicals to keep them away.

I read about an old lady with an amazing organic veggie patch who deters fruit fly by draping bits and pieces of old, colourful clothing over the top of her tomatoes. As you can see, I was inspired and have implemented a similar strategy.

Ooooh I hope it works. Home grown veggies definitely taste the best.


  1. Uh, do you need the sun to ripen them? (I'm clueless)

  2. Good question, C. All the fruit needs to ripen is warmth and ethylene gas - released naturally by the plants. So direct sunlight isn't a requirement for tomatoes to ripen.

    Thanks Google. How did anyone pretend they knew what they were talking about before Google?