Thursday, March 10, 2011


At the risk of sounding massively cheesy, taking pictures of bits and pieces of daily life helps me to appreciate The Beauty in the Little Things. Like the dodgy door handle and paint job on the Bundeena ferry. Someone painted the whole darn ferry with a paintbrush, you know?

The tiny-ness of poppy seeds. I planted these on the weekend and in 6 months time, they're going to be lovely, crinkly poppies, making more tiny seeds of their own. Is that not amazing?

Purple Spanish onion and shiny red mini Romas. So pretty, so delicious.

And Lockie. I don't exactly need pictures to appreciate Lockie ... but he is very photogenic.

I may notice these things fleetingly, but having a visual reminder helps me hang on to the little happy feeling they give me.

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